Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselling: An Integrated Course



    This course is aimed at the following groups of people:

    1.     Lay counsellors

    2.     Community health workers

    3.     PMTCT counsellors (first level counsellors at district level)

    4.     Primary Health Care nurses and doctors – especially if supervising and/or a referral level

    5.     Clinicians at first referral level


    The course consists of 30 sessions which were adapted from the WHO course as follows:

    1.       Introduction to infant and young child feeding: Breastfeeding for nutrition and nurture

    2.       Importance of breastfeeding

    3.       The mechanism of breastfeeding (what makes breastfeeding work)

    4.       How to take a feeding history

    5.       Assessing a breastfeed

    6.       Listening and learning (2 sessions)

    7.       Positioning a baby at the breast

    8.       Confidence and Support (2 sessions)

    9.       Common breastfeeding difficulties & misconceptions

    10.   Managing breast and nipple conditions

    11.   How to express milk

    12.     Cup feeding

    13.     Health practices that support breastfeeding

    14.     International Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes

    15.     Complementary feeding practices (10 sessions)

    16.     Growth charts and growth monitoring

    17.     Counselling for infant feeding decisions when mothers are harmfully sick (HIV and other conditions) (4 sessions)

    18.     Feeding during illness and low-birth-weight babies

    19.     Supporting mothers to counsel others who are unsupportive or poorly knowledgeable of breastfeeding

    20.     Continued support of breastfeeding into the second year

    21.     Non-communicable disease burden that results from not breastfeeding

    22.     Counseling families who face the a dying child as a consequence of poor infant feeding practices



    How the course works


    The course consists of information part (knowledge) that you will gain from reading the material and watching the videos.

    More important it contains the skills parts in which you will learn about techniques you need to learn to use with mothers. You will learn them only when you practice them with other mothers or with your baby if you are mother.


    The following tables list the skills and competencies you will have to attain by the end of the course.


    This course does not contain multiple choice questions as the first course, but has cases that you will access from the icon of the case studies icon from the home page of education. Interaction with these cases will give you the credits you need to become certified as a counselor.

  • Languages: English, Arabic

  • Course Coordinator: Ms. Riham Ibrahim
  • Course fees: Video Lectures: free
    Documents and presentations: free
    Course accomplishment statement: free To earn your certificate please attend a practical training course with an accredited and certified lactation consultant For more information contact, course coordinator for more details riham@mcfc.org.eg
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